Remember Remember some guy named Guy Fawkes

The fifth of November. When people light up fireworks in honour of some rebellious guy who is now immortalized as the official face of some protests or other.

After wimping out on going to a proper £10 at the door fireworks display like Battersea Park or Richmond, we instead walked down to the river, of which we are presently living not 2 minutes walk from on a lovely road called “Riverview,” which is just off an area called Strand On The Green.

Fact: we had our wedding reception in a pub down here. It’s true!

And as we started our evening walk, we could see fireworks from all over. We even stumbled upon a small fireworks display, of which I took these photographs:

Then I went a bit snap happy and had some fun with the camera outside the Bull’s Head (not our wedding pub, but another one):

Looking down Strand On The Green:

Chiswick Rail Bridge and beyond:

District Line to Gunnersbury:

River cruise enjoying the fireworks:

And the one that might just be my favourite…

On the way to the pub:


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