Why is it all we talk about in London is the weather?

The weather since we arrived in London has been incredibly pleasant. Averaging 14c (57f), sun, cloud cover (of course) and even after the sun goes down it hasn’t been too cold. Where’s the rain you ask? Oh, just wait for winter. But until then, I’ll take the 12c (53c) afternoons of late November.

Since being saved from B&B hell by a friend who has, along with her husband, offered us their wonderful home in Chiswick, things have been looking up. Having a solid base for flat hunting is marvelous. And, a note of thanks, we were able to be moved in just days before my birthday and, coincidentally, DW’s first day of work.

The house is just steps from Strand On The Green along the river Thames, in an area known as “Grove Park.” Not exactly convenient to the rest of Chiswick’s amenities, Grove Park has a rail station (Chiswick Station), an excellent and historic pub, and a parade of shops including a dry cleaners and off license. Five minutes walk down the road you’ll find us.

Before I got struck down with the illness that’s been going around I was running every morning along the river. There is nothing more inspiring than a beautiful location to run. I loathe just running in circles on a track, or on a treadmill. There are miles and miles of new things to see along the Thames. Here, take a look!

The start of Strand On The Green walking path.

That’s the Strand-on-the-Green Railway Bridge – built in 1869. These two should know better than to ride bikes along this path – forbidden!


During low tide, which this is, there is plenty of river bank to trudge along, perhaps with a pair of wellies and a camera… or like this guy, with his metal detector.

Dorothy there looks a little sad and lonely… lucky for her she has loads of company. In the background you can see the many rowers that go along this part of the Thames. On a Sunday morning this part of the river is silly with rowers.

Not a great photograph looking west, but you see what I mean… rowing abound.

Now, there are 3 pubs along the Strand. The one closest to where we live is the oldest, the Bulls Head. Yes. There is no apostrophe. Again.

And just past the pub, one of the river’s many sailing clubs, just under the arch of the rail bridge:

The homes along the Strand are beautiful. Some have interesting features, like this:

Really cool house number.

Crazy tree that gets soaked at high tide. Across the river is Kew, and that’s Chiswick Bridge in the distance.

Seriously blue skies.

Look! A sea themed weather vane. Is that a mermaid up there?

No privacy here for home owner. Cause mugs like me take photos of topiary and iron work.

Ohh! Boot scrapers metal-worked into cats!

Puss in boots perhaps?

There ya go… closer look. I have a thing for boot scrapers. Perhaps because I want more pairs of boots.

Across the river to Kew… where you’ll find more sickeningly beautiful homes along the riverside.

Okay, remember how above I spoke about the pubs? Well this pub here is my favorite:

Another Fuller’s Pub, the Bell & Crown (which I constantly call the Rose & Crown) is where DW & I had our wedding reception 7 years ago. It’s a good pub, nothing special on the inside — but beautiful views on the outside:

After our pub visit, we walked back home, via Dorothy the wee boat. Here’s what she looks like at high tide:

Needless to say, we both breathed a sigh of relief after landing here at our friend’s Chiswick pad.

All around us is nature, and yes, there are a few of these:

And a few of these:

But really, how can you not be happy when you have this on your door step?

After we arrived, we were able to find a flat – one that we both fell in love with. Although on the opposite side of town from here… Which means now I have to go out and find things to do, explore the new area. No excuses!

And that is what we will talk about in the next chapter of our story that continues since we arrived in London.

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