Goodbye West London, or why the hell did we decide to move to Kentish Town again?

We finally found ourselves a flat with a front door, walls, a kitchen and a bathroom. And so much storage one can’t even imagine filling it all up. More on that some other time.

We’ve moved to Kentish Town, north of the river. We really wanted this to be an adventure, so living in a new area is the best way to make it feel, well, new. So that’s what we did.

And everything associated with the move has been an adventure (there really is no better word for it without sounding like I am complaining, really). We packed up the cab early on move in day to make it there for 9am as that was the start of the delivery window for our mattress.

Which did not arrive until 12:45, 15 minutes before the end of the window. With no food in the house about 3 hours sleep, I was an unhappy puppy when they showed up, yet incredibly grateful that I finally have something to nap on! And the delivery drivers rushed out of there without even letting me have time to ask them to take away the mattress box. Which I didn’t think I’d have to ask them to do. That was a real first for me.

Here’s the box, now sitting in the conservatory area in front of the french doors. See how it’s almost as tall as the kitchen door?


Anyway, I had to use cuticle scissors to open up the box and let it air out. Tempurs smell like gasoline for the first couple of days. Thanks a lot, Daniel Beds – by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen my arse. They need to work on their customer service skills.

But Eat Sleep Live does not. The next day was our bed frame delivery. We decided to spend a little money on a quality frame and went with a beautiful reclaimed wood frame made right here in Britain. This is what it looked like on the company website:

And here’s what ours looks like:


Not bad, eh?

We took delivery of this bad boy at 6:30am. On a Saturday. One might say that this company’s customer service attitude is a bit *too* eager, however I will never complain about being the first delivery of the day.

The gents were super nice, even took my offer of herbal tea (lemon and ginger). It’s customary to offer your builder, delivery, cable, handy man a cuppa when they are working. It’s also polite of them to accept, have at least one sip, and then be on their way. It’s cheaper than palming them each a fiver, I guess.

In fact we had this one plumber who I offered tea to, however it was this foofy star anise flavoured tea that was all good for you and he was not amused. But he still took his sip and get back to work. Good lad.

Back to the bed boys. They put it together real quick and quiet and once they’d left, well we did the only thing we could think of: we climbed back in and slept for a few more hours. It was the best few hours of sleep I’ve had in at least 2 months.

Fast forward a few hours and we are off to Tottenham Court Road for our telly. Dan knew what kind of TV we were going to get – had seen the prices online and was hoping we could just walk into one of the techno stores on TCR and walk out with a bargain.

Not even close. Prices were more than we wanted to spend so we went the Amazon prime route. So useful when it is so hard to get things home. You know, not having a car and all. Things get really expensive when you have to add a cab ride to the bill. was a treat as well when they delivered our sofa last Monday. The entire sofa buying experience from was lovely. From their showroom in Chelsea on Lots Road (who doesn’t love sampling sofas?) to their delivery 4 days after move in. The arrived right in the middle of of their 2 hour time slot. Seriously, it was a luxury of wonderful customer service.

And here is Dan enjoying the eventual TV delivery on the new sofa in front of our beautiful fire place that you can’t really make out in this iPhone pic, but whatever it’s still beautiful:

Our shipping company, well that is a different story. Their customer service was weak at best. And that is what we will talk about in the next chapter of our story that will continue now that we finally got ourselves a flat.


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