Exploring London: Primrose Hill

The holidays came and went, but while they were here they were busy times 10. We had a visitor in town from Spain, a cousin of mine who is doing her year abroad. Her visit meant I got to be touristy – and take the camera out for some photo blogging fun.

So we were trying to figure out things to do that did not involve too many museums or expensive tourist attractions – of which there are loads of both here in London – and it came to me: Primrose Hill Sunset.

We hopped on the bus and 20 minutes later arrived at Chalk Farm station. Here is the exciting and very quick journey up to Primrose Hill.

First, we approached the bridge.

Imagine that! Someone’s address is 24 Bridge Approach, London, NW1, England, UK. Beats John Rezza Drive. Yeah, I had that one once.

So the bridge:

Railway Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists only. I liked this side better than the other. I didn’t even take a photograph of it I disliked it so much.

Across the bridge you are officially in the neighborhood of Primrose Hill. It’s a bit pretty and by proxy expensive. I would very much like to live there. And go to this pub:

Pretty right? As is the high street – Regent’s Park Road:

Once you get up the hill, there is more hill to conquer.

And once we got to the to: jackpot!

Here’s some more shots from the top of Primrose Hill:

So, the view from up here is fantastic, and tourists know it. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded. In the background here (from left to right) you have Canary Wharf, the City, the Shard and then to the right you have the BT Tower.

And from BT Tower to the right, you can see the wee ring off the London Eye.

That’s my cousin right there. Shame about the fence.

It was a beautiful clear night – and rather mild, as winter has been thus far. So we kept on walking on to Camden.

And that is what we will talk about in the next chapter of our story that continues now that the holidays came and went.

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