I’m a bit behind on updates…

… so here are a few photographs taken when out on the town with my cousin on her visit back in December. Enjoy a bit of London dressed up for Christmas!

Trafalgar Square

Seven Dials & Covent Garden

We wandered from Trafalgar Square into Covent Garden via Seven Dials, which as you can see below is all dolled up for christmas with very pretty, shimmery lights. When we got to the market, we actually sat and watched a street performer try his very best to entertain a chilly crowd. I’ll be honest, he was a bit rubbish, but he did make me laugh which got him a thank you and a few bits of shrapnel from my pocket. After all, now that the West Cornwall Pasty Company is no longer in Covent Garden, what else am I to spend my money on there?

And that is our photographic journey of a small little divett of London. A trip to London is not complete without it.

Next up? A bit of Christmas! (I know, I know. It’s February. Whatevs.)

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