One day I walked to Camden from Primrose Hill

Really it’s not that big a deal. They are practically one in the same. Primrose Hill is a well to do neighborhood sandwiched next to the hill of the same name, Regent’s Park and Camden. The best way to walk from one to the other? The canal.

I could do a whole essay on the canal system in London, however I know absolutely nothing about it. There is a canal museum down in King’s Cross that I have been meaning to check out, and I’ve always wanted to live by the canal because of how peaceful it is and how it, for one brief moment, reminds me of Amsterdam which I love. So instead I will do this one paragraph that I have just finished for you and show you some lovely end of day sunset photos of the canal from Regent’s Park to Camden Lock.

Cool reflections of the expensive homes:

Canal to Camden:

Coming from Regent’s Park:

Bridge over Regent’s Park Road:

Over the river and… barges!

Because Camden is so cool, artsy and rock and roll, there is a lot of wall art, tagging and under bridge lighting:

And there’s even a Pirate Castle. Where I don’t think there are any pirates nor any castles.

The canals keep going, however the light was no longer conducive to photographs, so that’s sadly where our photographic journey ends, where Oval Road crosses the canal by a castle may or may not full of bloodthirsty pirates.

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