Instagramification of London

This is not going to be an advert for Instagram. This is not going to be an advert for Instagram. This is not going to be an advert for Instagram.

Rubbish. So I love Instagram. No matter how many megapixels Apple gives the iPhone, the photographs will still come out flat, grainy and awful. Instagram helps solve that and makes them surprisingly artsy. I’m not hip to the application of said application via social networking; apparently you can follow and be followed in a news feed type manner, sharing your daily adventures by photo instead of words. For example, which is more interesting:

“I’m sitting on the platform at Milton Keynes and trains don’t stop here! Wow they go really fast!”


Point made, I say.

I would also say that I use the app almost daily and recently I’ve started using it instead of my camera. It just makes things look better, like on a recent overcast afternoon when I went for an explore around Kentish Town armed only with my Instagram app. I’ll often just post one at a time (if you scroll back in time on this blog). Here’s a bunch for you whether you like it or not!

You may not park here, but feel free to leave your hub caps.

I love boot scrapers. It’s such a historic remnant of times gone by. Times that I rather think I’d love living in, scraping my boots daily. These next two scrapers are a few doors down from one another, which makes me happy to think that not everyone feels the need to tear down historic things like Henry VIII.

There are many council and purpose built blocks in the surrounding area. One has the best name ever. I wonder when it was built?

I don’t know what this is. He was playing an oboe. In front of a garden design centre. Pray tell who puts these sculptures in their front gardens?

Speaking of Henry VIII (I did, if you recall, up there) I’ve found a few places named after, I imagine, Cardinal Wolsey. There is no wikipedia proof that he lived in NW5.

But there is a good chance if he did, he’d have lived here:

I know. not an Instagram. But my 3 followers on the Instagram social app agree, it would have made a great one!

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