Panoramic London

I had to head down to a meeting with a recruiter near London Bridge and it hit me. I hadn’t been to Tower Bridge or the Tower of London since I was first a tourist here in 2001. And because my backpack was stolen the day I returned to America, I had absolutely no photographic proof of having been there. Which is fine considering the weather when I was here was gray and overcast, as London tends to be.

Not this time! The sun was shining its little heart out and for a moment, I became London Tourist for an afternoon. And I have a few panoramas I’d like to share with you as a result!

Looking west from the south side of Tower Bridge to the South Bank. I’ve yet to go down there yet – I will save that for the next uber sunshiny day at the start of the week. That tall building is the Shard. I’ll be showing you photographs from that when it’s completed in May of this year.

And a bit further down towards the centre of Tower Bridge is this view looking west:

The Tower of London is two things: 1) a historic marvel that has to be, in my opinion, the coolest tourist attraction I can remember from my first trip to London in September of 2001. 2) the most expensive tourist attraction – almost £20 entry! So instead I took this:

After a walk through the Tate, I decided to keep my feet from falling off my overworked legs and made my way across the Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s Cathedral. From the bridge I snapped this view looking East down the Thames. The next bridge is Southwark Bridge, an attraction in itself, followed by Tower Bridge. I quite like the colourful buildings on the north bank and, again, note the Shard on the skyline.

On a blue skied London Friday afternoon, I can think of nothing better than a wander around this town’s more touristy attractions. This Friday? The V&A Museum with a friend. Watch this space for some South Kensington panos. Here’s hoping for blue skies.

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