Highgate Cemetery, or Not Enough Dosh for the Dead

End of the month is always the tightest, budget wise. For all my non UK friends, here we get paid once per month. That means that we are flush at the start, and skint at the end. It’s a vicious cycle that you get used to after a while and really helps you to budget correctly.

That’s one of the reasons why walking is just so popular here. Walking through the countryside (if you have some near you), city (to explore new areas) or even cemeteries. That’s where Highgate comes in. It’s a 3 for 1. A leafy village that feels like you are in the countryside even though you are in the middle of the city.

And for that reason Highgate is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in London. And lucky for us it’s just north of where we live in Kentish Town. The walk is not far, about 1.5 miles up the road. “Up” being key. It’s at the top of a hill which affords it some beautiful views. Hence wealthy people deciding to build here. Famous people who live/have lived there include: Hugh Grant, Kate Moss and Rod Stewart. Oh, and the Russian Embassy.

Famous people who call Highgate Cemetery home: Karl Marx, Michael Faraday (“Father of Physics”), Douglas Adams (no relation) and Alexander Litvinenko (Russian ex-KGB / British intelligence assassinated in London).

Back to that budget thing. So we were days away from pay day and since it was a beautiful February day, we threw our cameras round our necks and made the walk to Highgate Cemetery. Their website may not be pretty, however it was made clear we could just walk in to the newer section without a booking. The older section is by appointment only. Of course, once we got there, there was a £3pp entry charge. Which I didn’t pay any attention to on the website. And we didn’t have any cash. And there aren’t exactly cash points at the cemetery gates. And so we did not go in.

However I did get some fantastic photographs, taken through the wrought iron fences on the walk to the entrance gate. A teaser, if you may, to what I will eventually get when I go back with my medium format. And the micro 4/3rds. And a tripod…

There is this atmosphere that you just cannot fake at Highgate Cemetery. Perhaps it’s the overgrown nature of it, the light eerily eeking its way through the mossy trees. Cemeteries just have that feeling about them, of loneliness and comfort.

Or is it just me?

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