Spring is dead. Long live the Spring! or March is the New July.

Spring only just started last week, and it seems we’ve skipped over it here in London. Yesterday’s temp was over 70F. I actually sat out and sunbathed on my patio – while a pervy neighbour looked on – that’s right, I spotted him spying and had to cut my lie-out short. I wouldn’t have minded if he wasn’t half hiding behind his patio wall. Tsk tsk.

Right, back to the subject at hand. Spring. No one ever said the weather here was predictable, and so far, as an Angeleno transplant, I am very pleased. Every March I can remember from living/visiting here was cold and wet and spent indoors or the pub, wishing for summer. And then summer would arrive for about a week in July, departing again as quickly as it came.

March is the new July! It’s been glorious the last couple of weeks. And to show you how glorious, I went on a walk. Just for you. With my little Olympus Pen. And the pop art filter. I don’t think I will have to explain it. You’ll see what I mean.

I discovered recently that there was access to the canal that runs throughout this area and off to both east and west London. I don’t have much to say about the canals as I’ve not been to the canal museum yet and educated myself properly yet. All I know is that it’s a beautiful place for a stroll.

Starting out in Camden, you can tell spring has arrived as every spare patch of green is occupied by people just hanging out and watching the canal boats meander through the locks.

And here is when the pop art filter really shines. What colours!

I stuck around to watch this narrow boat make its way through Hampstead Road Lock. The pop art filter didn’t do all that well, however I wasn’t really trying. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

When I left Camden, winding down into Regent’s Park, I kept pace with the Downunder London for quite a while until they sped off down the canal, not to been seen by me again.

The sun was bright overhead, so I slopped on the sunblock and adjusted the sunglasses, ready to tackle the as much of the canal path that my Asiscs clad feet could handle.

And I think that’s where I shall leave you today, on the Regent’s Canal, by Regent’s Park, watching the canal boats pass me by.

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