A quick real life aside here about Apple Maps

I don’t usually get too personal on here other than travel, but every once in a while I get the urge to get real about something in the news or arts or television. Well I just upgraded my ipad to iOS6 and have been completely flabbergasted that a massively successful international conglomerate such as Apple could have made such a giant cock up of their new maps app. 

1) It doesn’t street view.

2) So what if it gives you pretty 3D views? Parlour tricks.

3) It no longer has public transportation guidance. Way to make it useless to non-car drivers or those of us who’d like to leave the car at home.

4) Google maps was the industry standard. Why didn’t you just rip it off and make your tens of millions of customers happy? You can’t tell me you are afraid of ripping another company off, now. Pssht.

So today when I read that their new CEO Tim Cook made a public apology on the Apple website, I thought it about time. 

No, he doesn’t get into specifics. But he does, in a round about way, apologise for his company releasing a crap product and forcing millions and millions of his loyal customers into using sub-par applications. One part of his letter stands out to me:


Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.


Well, Mr Cook, I won’t be upgrading my phone to iOS6 until that incredibly high standard is met. 

And with that, I am off to the dentist.

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