Your Lake District Catch-Up

Right. So as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been documenting a road trip me and my partner who shall be named at times “the boy” or DH or “him” took as our hail mary holiday a couple of weeks before we were forced to pack up our lives and move back to Los Angeles, my present London expat dreams squashed before they took off.

(Don’t feel to bad for us. At the moment we live so close to the pacific ocean I could probably accidentally fall into it at night if I were sleep walking. In London we lived close to a bus stop. At least now if I sleep walk I won’t be hit by a bus.)

In order to really catch up to where we are, you might want to give a glance back a few posts, at least starting at this one:

London is pretty, but the Lake District is freaking beautiful.

Or if you are really interested in my little story, which was pretty much only meant for friends and family since 8 hours is a significant time difference, making Skype difficult and phone calls expensive, you can go back to early days not far off from this time last year when we joyfully landed back in England after four years away:

We started the day at the beach…

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

All caught up? Right then.

We last left our road tripping couple as they entered the Lake District National Park, happy as Larry considering the good things they’d heard about their two night hotel stay at the Lodore Falls Hotel.

A few things we immediately noticed about the Lodore Falls:
1) It’s outlook over Derwentwater was amazing. Look at the photos on the hotel’s website.
2) The hotel is built out of local stone, and is really quite majestic.
3) It kind of blows that there is no porter to help with the bags. Or someone to hold out an umbrella for us, maybe open the door to hustle us inside from the windy chill to the fireplaced warmth.
4) The hotel is like a cruise ship, but in hotel form. It harkens back to a day of package holidays where everything is done for you. We were definitely the youngest couple in the hotel.

The Lodore Falls was a fine establishment. We booked a flash sale deal that gave us champagne and canapés before our three course dinner, which was included on both nights, and, if I recall, at least one breakfast. Our room was at the back of the hotel, overlooking the mountain behind, and the falls beyond the lush trees. Really, one can’t complain about it, considering you’ll spend your entire day out of the hotel anyway.

But if I may… it was a bit tired for my taste. The decor overall could use a bit of a revamp. However the customer service was spectacular, and when housekeeping ignored our “do not disturb” sign – which to me means they are after our valuables (which were locked up) – we had our first round of drinks before dinner on the second night on the house. That is stellar service.

Would I stay there again? No. Now that I know what kind of accommodations are available like pubs with rooms, bed and breakfasts and more reasonably priced self catering cottages (if they aren’t booked already) than you can shake a stick at, well, why would you ever stay in the same place twice?

No photographs of our mediocre room, aren’t you sad? I was saving myself for the inevitable photo-frenzy on our first fells walk the next day. Besides, we had cocktails and canapés waiting for us downstairs in the lounge.


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