Here a sheep, there a sheep; or Letting a city girl loose in the country. Good idea or bad?

We’ll continue with Part 3 of “A church, a tarn and a stone circle; or our real-life escape to the country” soon. This post is an aside to just what happens when you let a city girl loose in the English countryside.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes. Sheep. After we left the horses alone, poor guys, we stumbled upon a flock of sheep with newly born lambs. There were sheep with white faces, black noses and little black boots. Sheep with loud bleats and soft mews. Curious sheep and scaredy sheep. Sheep with blue dots, pink dots and multiple dots.

Oh what am I going on about? Let me show you:

It may not immediately look like it, but the next mum and babs are actually running away from the strange lady with the camera. I admit I do feel a bit guilty for interrupting their family time, but all I wanted was a good pic of some adorable lambs. Is that so wrong?

Still running:

Now they seem to be joining forces. There may be a plan afoot to rid them of the evil menace (ahem, me):

They must have decided it wasn’t worth it and went about their business chewing on some delectable greens.

Turning the other direction, I caught these older ladies at their luncheon.

Caption: Dude. Seriously?

Okay, so I don’t get that many sheep living in London. And there are even less in Los Angeles. The creation of this post and the reminder that somewhere out there you’ll find beautiful rolling hills instead of concrete buildings, clear blue skies without ghetto birds (helicopters) and public footpaths instead of poorly maintained sidewalks… It gives me hope that one day I will return home.

Tune in tomorrow for some ancient stone circle goodness (if we can bloody find it!)

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