Live from El Segundo: The Lake District!

I’ve taken up residence at the Starbucks in the almost-Manhattan-Beach part of El Segundo, at the new fancy plaza at the corner of Sepulveda and Rosecrans, to type up this post. This may not mean much to many of you, however I’ve taken to getting out of the house more. A quick aside of my real life – I’m still pounding the pavement looking for awesome employment, and sometimes one exhausts the search and wallows in a Netflix movie spiral.


It’s advisable once this happens, to pick oneself up by the boot straps (or brogue laces, as the case may be with today’s shoe selection) and make activities for oneself.

Yesterday it was the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Playa Vista. Today, El Segundo. I’m going to work my way south until I am writing posts from the Starbucks With The Best View In The World.

But I digress.

The stone circle proved the last highlight of our ramble through the rural St John’s in the Vale and, what Google Maps tells me is Naddle Beck, the small river we crossed about an hour earlier.

Rounding the wall to follow the walk, which was directing us toward a major road via some farmhouses and a B&B (well placed), we of course encountered more inquisitive neighbours. These guys were shaggy and brown, and are now stars in another of my accidental panoramas I didn’t mean to take but did (Autopano Pro. Best. Pano. Software. Ever.):

The walk from here was fairly easy. Follow the wall. Avoid the mud, or not, if that’s your thing. Cross the stile. Open the gate. Enjoy the view:

And whatever you do, try not to upset the locals.

The last stretch before we hit civilisation:

The end of the walk is a short stint on the main road before stilin’ it over a couple of walls, crossing over the Naddle Beck again, and scaling a small rocky crag (really small, but big for those of us who don’t usually scale rocky crags on a daily basis it was enormous fun!).

We finished the walk feeling pretty good about ourselves. A few hours in the countryside does you worlds of wonder. How much can one person smile in the span of a few hours? I stopped counting shortly after we parked.

It was only just about lunch time, and it occurred to us we had no where to stay the following night. The combination of those two things, post-hike hunger and holiday homelessness, could only mean one thing:


So we immediately made our way down the single track to the main road, taking us past Thirlmere, a lake, or rather, reservoir, that supplies nearby Manchester with the bulk of its water. A dam and aqueduct was constructed in the 19th century, a result of the industrial revolution. It’s genius considering how much it rains in Cumbria. To this day the 96 mile long aqueduct remains the longest tunnel in the world.

We were heading to the Drunken Duck, a pub with rooms outside of popular Ambleside. The website had charmed the pants off us, and we were hoping to get one of their inexpensive last minute rooms. But first, a visit to the lovely pub for sandwiches and local pints.

A review will follow tomorrow, from a coffee shop yet to be named, though likely in Manhattan Beach. I’ll keep you posted.

Signing off El Segundo.

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