Back to Storybrooke Bridge

On our first night in the Lakes, we found ourselves romping around Ashness Bridge, just above Derwentwater and north of our old school “luxury” hotel, The Lodore Falls. We loved it so much, that we promised a second trip with our cameras to capture the beauty and tranquil charm of what I’ve decided to call Storybrooke Bridge.

It’s no wonder we were wowed by this beautiful location. The original stone bridge really is out of a fairy tale story, don’t you think? And the sounds of rushing water from the drenched mountains above has surely captured many an imagination. Case in point:

The pancake lens on my EP-1 is pretty wide, and I was so pleased to find in the upper right corner of the landscape, the Derwentwater.

What a treat to revisit this little spot. I recommend, should you travel to Ashness Bridge, that you pack a picnic lunch, complete with red and white check blanket, a lovely wine, baguette, some local cheese and cured meats. Then your story will be complete.

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