The village where the sun doesn’t shine

Borrowdale Valley, just a bit further south from the Lake District jewel Derwentwater, is said to be the rainiest area in the Lake District. And we were going to go for a walk there.

We were on our way to the Winster Valley, east of (and above) Lake Windermere, surely the most famous and popular of all the lakes. But first we felt it only right to explore beyond the hotel and discover what the AA book named: Langstrath’s Hidden Valley.

A low-level ramble into one of Lakeland’s secret valleys, with waterfalls and high crags all around.

You had me at secret!

Driving down, the roads became narrower and the sky a bit darker, as drizzling rain threatened our walk. But we weren’t deterred from the hidden valley. And a cute as a button village named Stonethwaite.

As you may have guessed already, this small community is rife with farming, especially those fluffy little lawn mowers, sheep.

Go on, say hello guys.

The village itself has maybe 10 buildings altogether, and likely half of them are easily hired for accommodation.

The other half revolve around the local industry: farming. Something with an authentic smell was coming from this actual working barn.

The boy walking through the village, crags overlooking his stroll:

It seemed every other door had a sign with the name of the cottage for hire.

I admit we were there early, but it had likely just gone 10am. Come on now, Peathouse. Open up!

Or instead of tea and cakes, you can visit this lovely looking pub, the Langstrath Inn. Right at the end of the village, it is a welcome diversion for hill walkers enjoying the Cumbrian Way and the Coast to Coast pathway. We planned to visit after our 2.5 mile walk, maybe a spot of lunch in the beer garden?

As it so happens, winter here is a dreary time. Because of the surrounding hills and mountains, the sun doesn’t rise high enough in the sky to fill the valley with bright sunlight during those desperately cold deep winter days. Hence the cheeky little plaque above.

The pub looks so inviting, the village so quaint, but we are heading down this road to the start of the Hidden Valley Walk instead.

Wouldn’t you?

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