Heading to the pub after a country walk

The best way to cap off a wander through a hidden valley? Popping in to the local pub in the most rural village you can find and ordering the most local pint you can get.

So after walking through the valley just south of the quaint village of Stonethwaite, surrounded by rocky crags and the sounds of birds and rushing water, and trying not to bother any of these…

(I couldn’t resist a wee shot of Sally the lamb, my new friend) … the best way to stretch out the legs was to get straight to this:

The small but perfectly formed interior of the Langstrath Inn’s pub. Cozy and warmed by a roaring fire.

Ham and whole grain mustard for me please!

Jennings, a Lake District local.

Add a smattering of historic photographs…

And bragging rights as to how long it’s been in operation. As you can see, it was pretty full by the time we left, and it’s likely been this busy since 1621.

A hearty sandwich in our bellies and a lubricating pint later, it was time for us to head further south to the Winster Valley.

But first, a latte pit stop in Grasmere. See you there!

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