Waking up to autumn in Los Angeles

I woke up this morning and squeed with joy at the cloudy skies and rain soaked tarmac. That’s right, it’s autumn in Los Angeles, where it’s cloudy and drizzly and the air is full of promise!

Because of the so-called dreary weather, there are less tourists peddling past our patio doors and less road traffic. It hardly seems like midday out there at all.

Here are some photographs I took earlier this morning from the back of the building which sits just 10 – 20 feet or so from the channel to the pacific ocean:

These gentlemen may not be aware that just around the corner there is a sign saying the fish pulled from these waters is not fit for human consumption. I wonder though, as they seem to have no coolers or buckets, so perhaps this is just for sport… to get away from the wife and kids with the mates on a Saturday morning.

If I could convey just how quiet and peaceful it is, you might feel a twinge of envy at that kayaking couple, as they slice easily through the channel.

Perhaps this panorama could convey those peaceful feelings.

View the above full screen on black.

And that’s a slice of real life here on the westside. Not every day in LA is 75f and sunny. In fact, it’s muggy as hell out there, drizzling, and rain is forecast for the morrow.

I may even break out the wellies.

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