A Lake District walk from the Masons Arms, or how I fell in love with England all over again

We’d had a tough few months. Our move to London was not without its strife, mainly when it came to where we were living and how much it cost. We were so convinced that zone 2 living was imperative to our hapiness that our gorgeous 100+ year old conversion rental ate up our monthly take home and kept us from enjoying everything that London living has to offer. Especially for a couple of travel-philes like us who love taking weekends away in quieter climes.

So as our Los Angeles move was looming, we were both a bit exhausted from our London life, promising never to live there again. Is it true that once you tire of London, you tire of life?

Not until you’ve had a chance to be outside of London do you realize that that statement is bollocks. There is so much life outside of London, from the rolling hills and sleepy lanes, to meandering canals and michelin starred pubs set in handsome isolation to bustling outdoor markets and fish & chips at the seaside. It’s a slower pace, a quieter life.

And it was getting out of London to the Lakes that I learned to love England all over again. And I don’t mind saying that right now, I’m a little obsessed. On the TV as we speak is a Lake District “Escape to the Country” where they just did a little fell running in Borrowdale, the location of a previous walk, and took a tour of Keswick and Derwentwater. I might have a bit of a problem.

And so we begin our easy to follow walk from Masons Arms.

An excellent varied walk through the peaceful countryside around Cartmel Fell. Superb views toward the fells and sheltered walking in pastureland and woods. May be a little muddy in places so boots are advised but not essential. Allow three hours of continuous walking.

First step is to take a left from the pub and head down the narrow lane towards the Hollins Farm and Hartbarrow Lane, conveniently signposted as most walks are in the Lakes.

Bear right at the junction, walking down the public bridleway.

And enter the ground at The Hollins, passing through the gate and down the driveway.

Pass by an old farmhouse on your left and exit the yard via a large gate…

A quick turn around to capture the view from the Hollins farm.

Once you are through the gate, follow the grassy track…

… and continue straight ahead on a path bordered by fence and walls until you arrive at a small gate.

Don’t forget to take a few photographs of the well maintained farms… and the local fauna.

And try not to bother the local livestock either…

Though they might find you to be more interesting than you think.

At this point you cross into the centre of the field and head for a gap in the wall (not photographed – I was too busy with the sheep!) In the next field (through the gap, if I recall correctly) walk along the left hand wall to reach a gate by the side of a lane. At some point we crossed this babbling stream.

Here we are, walking along that left side wall…

And taking photographs of just about everything around us.

That concludes the first hour of our walk through Winster. In the next installment expect some roads, forests and a view of Lake Windermere.

Quite a way to spend the 1st of May, don’t you think?


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