Waking up in Winster Valley, Cumbria

The Lake District is “a sort of national property, in which every man has a right and an interest who has an eye to perceive and a heart to enjoy”… William Wordsworth.

That Wordsworth really loved the beauty of the Lakes, and I have to say that he isn’t wrong. It has not only inspired poets and writers, but photographers and painters alike. And speaking of photographers, I have finally, after a hard week at work, finished editing the next segment of my Lakeland holiday.

We arrived at the Masons Arms, a country pub with rooms at the top of a hill overlooking the heartbreakingly stunning Winster Valley below. There are no lake views from the Masons. It’s all green, green and green. And from our room, the Cartmel Fell Suite, the views are so beautiful, I want to spread it on my toast.

At the Masons, most of the rooms are townhouse style. The downstairs of the Cartmel Fell Suite had a pretty little lounge and full kitchen, bathroom next door complete with note asking customers not to freak out if the water is a funny colour – it’s water from the local area, as fresh as it gets – and stairs up to the mezzanine bedroom. It’s more than enough for what we needed, and a breath of fresh air from the stuffy hotel we’d just come from.

The interior designer of this Inn has a modern country chic vibe going, with pretty pastel tartans and bright jewel coloured accents. Two flat screen televisions, on down and one up, kept us busy and there was free wi-fi in case nothing was on.

We felt very much at home in our sweet little suite, as you can see we just threw our stuff around as if we owned the place.

In the morning we decided to head out for one of the Masons’ recommended walks, enjoying a delightful bacon sandwich cooked by their kitchen before we left. The next day will be breakfast on our private patio, complete with newspaper and coffee:

But for now, we’re heading out into this:

See you later!

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