Making our way through the Cumbrian countryside, or a walk from the Masons Arms Part 3

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more beautiful, this happens:

In the above photo you can see the farmhouse from our last post, and although it may look daunting, the climb wasn’t bad at all. Plus we new it would be just as picturesque at the top as it was at the foot. We proceeded through a couple of fields with their requisite gates and stiles in order to get to the point in the walk that the guide says:

you will have a fantastic panoramic view over Windermere toward the Coniston and Langdale fells.

And he was not wrong.

View the above on black, via my Flickr account.

This really is the highlight of the walk. It’s what makes all the uphill worth it: a stunning view. And the eventual hopes of some downhill to come, of course.

But first, some forest.

Looking back on where we came from:

This is the woods part of our walk – where the climate changes…

It’s a lot quieter…

… and a whole lot muddier. They even have to make a little walkway so you don’t get bogged down. In the bog.

Looking back… watch out for the alligator poised for attack!

Just keep to the path and you’ll be safe, promise.

Once we cleared the wood, it was all down hill from there. Literally. Straight to the pub.

This is Strawberry Bank, the road that the Masons Arms is built into. Walk around the curve and…

It’s time for lunch!

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