My Summer Holiday

When does a holiday truly begin?

Is it when the clock turns 8pm on the last day of work, you grabbing your bag and shutting your computer down as you scuffle out the door with smiles and waves?

Is it when your bags are packed and being lifted into the back of your cab for the trip to the airport?

Is it when you settle yourself into your uncomfortable, expensive airplane seat, perusing the Skymall mag with mild amusement (zombie garden statue anyone?) and taking photographs of Dogbear in various positions?


Meet Dogbear:


(Nice look!)

Or is it when you’ve slathered on the sun screen, walked out the door in your sarong and floppy hat, destined to get sand in uncomfortable places?

Who bloody cares. You’re on holiday!

After a brutal 6 months of hard work, my dear husband (further to be known as DH) needed a well deserved rest. So we scoured the internet for possible locations. SE Asia: well, that’s sure to make our money last. Maldives? Eek! Expensive. And the flights – brutally long. Australia! Well there goes our savings.

Europe? Now we’re talking.

But D, I hear you ask, isn’t Europe one of the most expensive places to go, especially in the summer? What are you thinking?! Go to Australia, you daft cow!

Well, dear reader, I can’t believe I have to remind you of this, especially since you just called me a cow, it’s winter in Australia, and with the US dollar falling against the Aus dollar, well it would be foolish to spend all that money on a winter holiday during summer. And with an average hotel stay being over $200/night, well, need I say more? And as it so happens we have DH’s family and our friends who would happily put us up for a few days here, a few days there, in between our jaunts to the continent, up north to Scotland or day trips down the street to Leeds or Liverpool. We haven’t spent a summer in the UK in years, somehow managing to only be there when it’s cold (remember that 7 months we spent there during winter??) and since to me it’s like coming home, it seems a no brainer to return to a place that gives us such joy.


And, as it turns out, the weather is freaking fantastic!

Warm and sunny, with fluffy clouds filling blue skies, we have yet to need the brollies (umbrellas) we forgot to pack. Our jumpers (sweaters) have remained in the suitcases and I’ve even had to buy a few more vests (tank tops) to cope with the 30+ temps (85+). Why am I writing in Britishisms? When in Rome, people, when in Rome.

But if we rewind a little, our holiday didn’t start when we disembarked at London Heathrow. It actually started in Harrisburg, PA with a visit to my fabulous niece and nephew. I don’t mean to brag, but they are two of the most awesomest human beings on the planet. Oh, and their parents are okay too :).

So what can you possibly get up to in rural central Pennsylvania during a hot, muggy summer?

Check it out:

PA-4 PA-6 PA-7 PA-8 PA-9

We weren’t the only ones out for a walk:


The end of the walk was at the railroad tracks with a view over the Susquehanna River (not pictured).


So we turned around, and on the way back we had to ford the stream. Definitely didn’t want to get our feet wet. PA-17

Oh maybe we’ll just test how warm the water is.


Ah, who needs dry feet!



Panoramas anyone?


Stitched Panorama

So yeah, our holiday began in rural Pennsylvania. Beautiful hikes, a morning kayak trip and loads and loads of barbecue.

Where did your holiday begin?


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