Road Trip! Leicestershire to Scotland, here we go!

I know, you are excited. The very thought of sitting in a car for around 6 hours driving to another country is enough to make me squee with glee.

Wait, let’s think about that last statement for a moment. There aren’t many places in the United States that you can get in your car and drive to another country in under 6 hours. Sure, it doesn’t help that we have two very large bodies of water to either side of us. So does England, however you can still get in your car and, from most places in the country, be able to drive to another country altogether in 6 hours, including putting your car on a ferry or train to get across a channel or sea. If you live in Kansas, in 6 hours you are likely still in Kansas.

But I digress. Or do I? Because on this gorgeous, sunny Wednesday in July, me and my dear husband (DH) were packing up the car for a week in Scotland.

And it went something like this (warning, I do utter a curse word or two in this video):


I know, right? Sorry about the cursing, but I think the SUV driver forgot he was towing a bloody caravan!

Back to the road trip. Having done the drive up the A1 before, we decided to let the time lapse camera do the shoot for us, with the occasional video from myself.

And until those time lapses are finished, here are a few more of the videos, complete with singing, countryside and lorries.

Does it get any better than this? Windows down, music playing, sun shining. It felt like we were finally on holiday. And, because we were making the most out of the drive we’d done before, why not stop in Richmond… again?

Riders on the Storm may have been on the radio, but there was nary a cloud in sight as we pulled into the same car park as our last visit by the lonely, overcast cricket field.



But this time…



Again, the charms of Richmond overwhelmed us, and this time, with only one hour to spend in town… well, we had a castle to see.

Watch this space!

(Oh, and if any show up, sorry about the adverts. Photographd does not endorse any posting of ads by WordPress. But since she’s too cheap to upgrade, that’s what we’re going to get.)


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