Where do I begin… again.

I should confess a couple of things.

One. I’ve been a little side tracked from my writing. I started full time work as an on-air promotions writer/producer about three years ago and have not had the time I wish I could have had to work on personal projects like blogging, writing my book(s) and exploring my creativity. Though this full time work did afford me the ability to do some pretty awesome travel of which I hope to share here with the (not so eager?) world (is there anyone out there?), there’s a little snag…

I’ve been even more sidetracked from taking photographs. So much so that I feel that the name of this blog is a little misleading now. I sold cameras. I started Instagramming. That’s right, I traded in my Olympus Pen for my iPhone.  (Actually, it’s just sitting on a shelf.)

But haven’t we all? Okay, maybe we all actually have not, but what I’m getting at is that sometimes you have to pare down, to go back to one before you can build yourself back up again and do another take. Am I right?

A lot, yet not so much, has happened since that post. I started working full time as I’ve already reported, and there have been trips. Oh trips have there been. Hawaii (x3, about to be 4), Paris, London (of course, a lot of London), many trips to Santa Barbara wine country, The Netherlands, Seattle, Berlin (!!), Prague, Pennsylvania, Hong Kong, Singapore, AUSTRALIA (in caps cause it’s AWESOME) and, of course, a magical place which stole my heart and taught me to love whiskey: Scotland. Scotland. Scotland.

And that brings us back to my last post which left us in the beautiful northern England market town of Richmond. I feel that is where I should start back up again…

Until tomorrow, of which I leave you with a music recommendation: Frightened Rabbit’s newest and fantastic album, Painting of a Panic Attack. Here’s a Spotify link.

You’re welcome.


(Edited to add: oh yeah, still to cheap to upgrade. Sorry about any ads – they don’t belong to me!)

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