Richmond, England… we’re back!

In this writer’s opinion, the only thing missing from the idyllic North Yorkshire market town of Richmond is a railway station.

I’m sure any residents who come across this post will tell me why not having a railway station is a good thing. After all…

They have a flourishing weekly market on Saturdays!

IMG_1537 IMG_1536 IMG_1532

And at the market square’s center, a really old church! (Is that the castle tower?)


Oh, and an obelisk. Impressive. (Hey, it’s that castle again…)


And part of its charming skyline, a Norman Castle!


Have you not seen our beautiful countryside? No need to spoil that with a train.


But I digress. Check out my previous post on Richmond to see more pics of the exterior of Richmond Castle. But this visit? It’s what’s inside that counts.

So, of course, I start with a really, really terrible photograph of the opening times. In case you decide to happen by.

Don’t judge me.


On to the interior. Really well kept. A few rooms surround the now grassy interior.


Once the bustling fortress protecting this village, it’s now a lovely place to worship the sun!


And seek out some amazing views.


You really get a sense of what this market town’s about from the tower of Richmond Castle.


Surely, Richmond’s placement, nestled in the very elbow of the A1 and the A66 make it a prime destination for travelers and commuters, even without a train line. I can’t say anything to the latter, but to the former? Why yes, it does make for a very excellent stop on one’s way, well, anywhere.

And that’s why we chose to happen there again, the lovely town of Richmond calling us a one hour side trip on our way north. I can say with some authority, now that I’ve spent a total of three hours there, that Richmond is the perfect place for a stop and stretch one’s legs and explore parts of it that were not previously explored.

Next time we will find out what the big deal is with that River Swale! The photos out there make it look incredibly special.

But back to our midsummer jaunt up to the Isle of Skye. Next stop: Glasgow!



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